Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two lunches

Today I ate two lunches.

Two lunches you say in horror!
Yep. The nice, healthy one I had planned for work and then the fattening pastry one that I craved.

Emotional eating. I have a lot of emotions going on and I craved the fattening food.

Do I feel bad? Yes and no.

Yes, because this won't help my weight loss goals. And weight loss for me has been pretty slow on the scales, though my work pants for OOSH are loose around the waist.

But no, because I needed it. No,. food won't help the things I am stressed about. Yes, I have some hard decisions to make. But I own my overeating today. It served its purpose.

And now I am moving on.\

The good thing about early morning walks and jogs? In spite of other crap in your life, they make you happy! Looking forward to tomorrow's workout and leaving the overeating behind...been there, done it, moved ahead.


  1. I have done that Leonie! Yesterday was similar for me- ate so healthy and wonderfully all day, then at the end of the day, decided since I have figured it out, could really start tomorrow so indugled. Emotional- tired, shoulder hurting, looking for happy feelings.

    Glad you are moving on. Like what you said about hard being the new black. Great insight...

  2. Love that last paragraph. So true. I am trying to get myself to get out in the AM. I've been doing evening walks/bike rides, but morning would be good. I am losing weight -- slowly. Drinking more water. Feeling better. I just have a hard time getting moving first thing, but I'm pretty sure it would really help if I did....

  3. Cindy.. Twins! But no guilt because we move on, right? I also love hard is the new black !

    Jo Ann, great news about the weight loss! I just have to do it at 5.30 am