Sunday, May 27, 2012

The anatomy of a run

The alarm goes at 5.30 am and it's dark and cold.

 I get myself out of bed because I know I have to and because I know eventually I will be glad I did and because I tell myself I will always be a fat you-know-what if I don't.

I get up and run or walk or workout.

 The first fifteen minutes of the walk/jog/cardio are not fun. Nope, not at all. But I keep on going. I trick myself into thinking maybe I will take it a bit easier today.

 Except I don't.

 Because by the time I get to the second or third mile, the third or fourth kilometre, or the third sprint if I do walks then sprints, then the happy drug, the endorphins, will kick in. I'll be smiling or singing and forget the fact that the struggle ever existed.

 Until the next morning.

 It turns out that workouts are a little like many things in make yourself do them because they're good for you and you have to, but after time you find you enjoy them, miss them if they don't happen.

 And these cardio workouts are part of my 100 Day Challenge.


  1. Leonie,

    'I trick myself...' I do this too! I say I'll just do several laps and then when I've warmed up I find myself running for the usual 7, about 4.2 K. I have to admit we are no longer getting up before breakfast to run. Instead we are running before morning tea when it is a little warmer. Unlike you, we don't have to fit our exercise around outside work. And we bought a treadmill! It's not the same as running together along the bushtracks but it's good for very cold or wet days. And yes, I don't want to miss my exercise. You are so right. It gets to be more a case of doing it out of enjoyment rather than because it is good for me.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with Sue == it gets easier and eventually becomes fun. But it can still be a chore to get out the door. (I went from not being able to run 1/4 mile in the fall of 2008 to running a marathon in March 2010.) The habit and ritual of it make it easier, as you know. And, oh, got to love those endorphins!

  3. I live my workouts, have for many years.. But the first fifteen minutes at 5.00 or 5.30 am ate always hard! Lol!

  4. You described it so well, Leonie! For a period in my life about 15 years ago, a buddy and I got up every day at 5:30 and ran. We had little kids and would never miss. That was the only time of day we could break away. I never will forget the dark cold mornings (in Ohio) and we had a rule- if it was over 10 degrees F, we would go.
    Our friend thought we were crazy but we knew what you know... once you start it feels great and nothing beats those endorphins!

    and that is awesome Kathleen!!

  5. Yep, nothing beats those happy endorphins!