Sunday, May 13, 2012

Golden Rules

Don't you get tired of those Golden Rules of weight loss? Do this, do that, spend money, track this, record that...soo much time! It is all so complicated that you throw in the towel.

Ruth Field in Run Fat B**ch Run  gives us a simplified version of the Golden Rules.

Make your run your diet.

Drink more water.

Eat less crap.

Come on, you knew it. Deep down you knew that fiddling around with many programmes was a bit of a way of procrastinating.

I can be a great procrastinator. Which is why I clean bathrooms first and do all my business calls straight away when I get to the office.

The idea being most hated jobs first.

Otherwise I would be as lazy as hell.

So Field has it right. Keep it short and simple and just do it ( ah, the just do it mantra again...that 100 Days book. I'm on day 9.).

My adapted Golden Rules?

1. 45 minutes cardio - every day - without fail.
2. No "cutting slack".
3. Drink more water and eat less crap ( Yes, sounds good to me!)
4. Weigh every week or every few days and adapt ( If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it ain't working, it's insanity to keep on doing the same thing)

So, another great book. To harness your inner grit, your inner you-know-what and to keep it simple.

Even on Mother's Day and taking it easy with leg troubles ...45 minutes of walking and running and  feeling happy with those endorphins flying around. Still fat but workin' it.

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