Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two lunches

Today I ate two lunches.

Two lunches you say in horror!
Yep. The nice, healthy one I had planned for work and then the fattening pastry one that I craved.

Emotional eating. I have a lot of emotions going on and I craved the fattening food.

Do I feel bad? Yes and no.

Yes, because this won't help my weight loss goals. And weight loss for me has been pretty slow on the scales, though my work pants for OOSH are loose around the waist.

But no, because I needed it. No,. food won't help the things I am stressed about. Yes, I have some hard decisions to make. But I own my overeating today. It served its purpose.

And now I am moving on.\

The good thing about early morning walks and jogs? In spite of other crap in your life, they make you happy! Looking forward to tomorrow's workout and leaving the overeating behind...been there, done it, moved ahead.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

The anatomy of a run

The alarm goes at 5.30 am and it's dark and cold.

 I get myself out of bed because I know I have to and because I know eventually I will be glad I did and because I tell myself I will always be a fat you-know-what if I don't.

I get up and run or walk or workout.

 The first fifteen minutes of the walk/jog/cardio are not fun. Nope, not at all. But I keep on going. I trick myself into thinking maybe I will take it a bit easier today.

 Except I don't.

 Because by the time I get to the second or third mile, the third or fourth kilometre, or the third sprint if I do walks then sprints, then the happy drug, the endorphins, will kick in. I'll be smiling or singing and forget the fact that the struggle ever existed.

 Until the next morning.

 It turns out that workouts are a little like many things in make yourself do them because they're good for you and you have to, but after time you find you enjoy them, miss them if they don't happen.

 And these cardio workouts are part of my 100 Day Challenge.

Saturday, May 19, 2012



This week, I have been running and walking.

 And I lost another half kilogram.

And even more importantly, I've felt terrific...those daily endorphins...and some waistbands just feel looser, more comfortable. Go me!

 So what's that secret again? 

 No secret at all. 

 Plain common sense, and employing that inner you-know-what...get up and do it, two spoonfuls of chocolate mousse rather than the whole glass...

 In the words of Ruth Fields, that Grit Doctor in Run, Fat B**ch, Run...

 Run.  (Cardio. 45 mins minimum)
 Drink more water.
 Eat less crap. (You don't want to continue to be a fat you-know-what, do you Leonie? And strangely enough this motivates me.)

 Those two first bites? "As you know, the first two bites of any food have the most impact on your taste buds. But they're also the ones that have any emotional power! After you finish those first bites, you'll have received whatever benefits the food has for you. Eating more of it simply won't bring you additional satisfaction or make you feel any better." Linda Spangle,  100 Days of Weight Loss.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Golden Rules

Don't you get tired of those Golden Rules of weight loss? Do this, do that, spend money, track this, record that...soo much time! It is all so complicated that you throw in the towel.

Ruth Field in Run Fat B**ch Run  gives us a simplified version of the Golden Rules.

Make your run your diet.

Drink more water.

Eat less crap.

Come on, you knew it. Deep down you knew that fiddling around with many programmes was a bit of a way of procrastinating.

I can be a great procrastinator. Which is why I clean bathrooms first and do all my business calls straight away when I get to the office.

The idea being most hated jobs first.

Otherwise I would be as lazy as hell.

So Field has it right. Keep it short and simple and just do it ( ah, the just do it mantra again...that 100 Days book. I'm on day 9.).

My adapted Golden Rules?

1. 45 minutes cardio - every day - without fail.
2. No "cutting slack".
3. Drink more water and eat less crap ( Yes, sounds good to me!)
4. Weigh every week or every few days and adapt ( If it ain't broke, don't fix it. If it ain't working, it's insanity to keep on doing the same thing)

So, another great book. To harness your inner grit, your inner you-know-what and to keep it simple.

Even on Mother's Day and taking it easy with leg troubles ...45 minutes of walking and running and  feeling happy with those endorphins flying around. Still fat but workin' it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Run, Fat B**ch, Run!

 So this week there was no weight loss.

 Even a gain.

 Though I have, for the most part, been vigilant.

 It's those ups and downs of weight loss. I've been through this many times before.

 And this is where the determined rather than interested kicks in.

If you are determined you keep on, you focus on behaviors not just results. You adapt. The results will follow.

 If you are interested you give up.

 So not me. I'm not giving up. 12 kg less by this time next year.

 As Ruth says of her mum and  determination to get fit in "Run, Fat B**ch, Run"..." She is also Catholic (this is a huge advantage, both for getting in touch with your inner b**ch and for self-imposed grit of any kind)."

 My self-imposed grit. In diet and fitness. And in life.

 Good book by the way. I just started reading it.  I can see it is going to be very helpful.

 Next post!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not just yet....

Not just yet.

 The 100 Days of Weight Loss has some really good mottoes. Really good.

 Like "Not just yet"... For when people are pushing food and you are discerning. Or determined. Put them off for awhile. Or put yourself off for awhile. Wait a bit.

 And Do It Anyway. Committed doesn't mean mental, it means do it anyway. Just this once. Come on. Leave something on your plate, Leonie. Skip the wine (well, maybe!)

 You know, a large part of any weight loss is not just the eating less or eating better and working out. It's what goes on in our heads. It's habits. It's boundaries, not rules ( another of the 100 Days' mantras...ur...mottoes.)

  Like using a notebook. Write down your craving..and then eat it another time. A planned time. A special time. No cheesecake today but write that craving down and totally have some on Mother's Day. When it's in my plan.

 Why? Because the results are worth it ( those Ten Reasons to Lose Weight).

And because "I must protect my programme at all costs." If I don't take care of myself, who will?

 I got this. I can do it. Say this at least ten times.

 Then work on your plan. Whatever the plan may be.

 For me, being good to myself while working on weight loss.

 As I go to bed, late again, after a long day, with a hungry tummy but after a reassuring hot cup of tea.

 I got this. Today anyway.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Days One and Two

Are you interested in your programme...or are you committed? So asks the one hundred day challenge.

It is the difference between doing this, whatever your current diet and/or fitness programme is, until it is hard or inconvenient. Or doing it  no matter what. 

I used to be that way but now I'm different.

Re-worked for Leonie as...

I used to sabotage my weight loss but now  I know I can be vigilant all the time and that's more fun, I like the result.

I do. I really do.

Which today translated as counting the calories in those peanuts and that biscuit.

Workout today? Power Half Hour, a pink FIRM with Emily. At 6.30 am on a Sunday morning, before work,that's do-able. Cardio, weights, a cardio burst and plank related ab work.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ten Reasons to Lose Weight

As the 100 Days book states...refer to often!

My reasons are mostly shallow...superficial...the real me? But this is honest, so here they are, shallow and all.

1. To look better
2. To feel better
3. To be happier ( don't tell me weight loss doesn't make you happier...I've been there. It does. You just feel better about yourself physically and mentally. Well, maybe not you, but me.)
4.To like myself more ( enough said. Though for me, and I suspect many women, how we feel about ourselves does have a stake in appearance.)
5. To be healthier
6. To wear fun clothes ( I know. I should be old and wear sensible clothes. But I have more fun in fun clothes! Cute tops and skirts. And socks.)
7.To feel more comfortable
8. For self esteem ( I got this. I can do this.)
9. To increase my fitness level ( ah, something more noble at last!)
10. To run more, jump more, dance more!

And so it begins

I lost 40 kg over a five year period.

And then, last year, with stress and stress eating and lack of sleep, I gained some back. 13 kg.

But I am over hating myself.

I am taking care of myself. It was a hard time. And I'm moving on.

With diet in place, alongside the workouts that I already do.

This week, I have lost 1 kg. Only 12 more to go!

2012 At the start of my new weight loss

A kg a month? A year or so from now I will be there.

2008 After weight loss

2001  Before weight loss
How? This week, just by eating less.

The how is less important than the motivation. Here enters the 100 Days Challenge....A programme that works for any diet plan.

I borrowed the book from the library. After my 1kg weight loss. Looking for extra motivation.

The website has many free resources. Calendar. Journal. Quick start guide.

It is all about you ( me) and not about a specific plan.

And I am blogging my progress.