Sunday, May 6, 2012

Days One and Two

Are you interested in your programme...or are you committed? So asks the one hundred day challenge.

It is the difference between doing this, whatever your current diet and/or fitness programme is, until it is hard or inconvenient. Or doing it  no matter what. 

I used to be that way but now I'm different.

Re-worked for Leonie as...

I used to sabotage my weight loss but now  I know I can be vigilant all the time and that's more fun, I like the result.

I do. I really do.

Which today translated as counting the calories in those peanuts and that biscuit.

Workout today? Power Half Hour, a pink FIRM with Emily. At 6.30 am on a Sunday morning, before work,that's do-able. Cardio, weights, a cardio burst and plank related ab work.

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