Friday, May 11, 2012

Run, Fat B**ch, Run!

 So this week there was no weight loss.

 Even a gain.

 Though I have, for the most part, been vigilant.

 It's those ups and downs of weight loss. I've been through this many times before.

 And this is where the determined rather than interested kicks in.

If you are determined you keep on, you focus on behaviors not just results. You adapt. The results will follow.

 If you are interested you give up.

 So not me. I'm not giving up. 12 kg less by this time next year.

 As Ruth says of her mum and  determination to get fit in "Run, Fat B**ch, Run"..." She is also Catholic (this is a huge advantage, both for getting in touch with your inner b**ch and for self-imposed grit of any kind)."

 My self-imposed grit. In diet and fitness. And in life.

 Good book by the way. I just started reading it.  I can see it is going to be very helpful.

 Next post!

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