Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ten Reasons to Lose Weight

As the 100 Days book states...refer to often!

My reasons are mostly shallow...superficial...the real me? But this is honest, so here they are, shallow and all.

1. To look better
2. To feel better
3. To be happier ( don't tell me weight loss doesn't make you happier...I've been there. It does. You just feel better about yourself physically and mentally. Well, maybe not you, but me.)
4.To like myself more ( enough said. Though for me, and I suspect many women, how we feel about ourselves does have a stake in appearance.)
5. To be healthier
6. To wear fun clothes ( I know. I should be old and wear sensible clothes. But I have more fun in fun clothes! Cute tops and skirts. And socks.)
7.To feel more comfortable
8. For self esteem ( I got this. I can do this.)
9. To increase my fitness level ( ah, something more noble at last!)
10. To run more, jump more, dance more!


  1. I agree with all ten, and would possibly move number 4 higher up the list. Does that make me more ignoble?

    1. It is interesting to see our own takes on this, isn't it?