Saturday, May 19, 2012



This week, I have been running and walking.

 And I lost another half kilogram.

And even more importantly, I've felt terrific...those daily endorphins...and some waistbands just feel looser, more comfortable. Go me!

 So what's that secret again? 

 No secret at all. 

 Plain common sense, and employing that inner you-know-what...get up and do it, two spoonfuls of chocolate mousse rather than the whole glass...

 In the words of Ruth Fields, that Grit Doctor in Run, Fat B**ch, Run...

 Run.  (Cardio. 45 mins minimum)
 Drink more water.
 Eat less crap. (You don't want to continue to be a fat you-know-what, do you Leonie? And strangely enough this motivates me.)

 Those two first bites? "As you know, the first two bites of any food have the most impact on your taste buds. But they're also the ones that have any emotional power! After you finish those first bites, you'll have received whatever benefits the food has for you. Eating more of it simply won't bring you additional satisfaction or make you feel any better." Linda Spangle,  100 Days of Weight Loss.

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