Saturday, May 5, 2012

And so it begins

I lost 40 kg over a five year period.

And then, last year, with stress and stress eating and lack of sleep, I gained some back. 13 kg.

But I am over hating myself.

I am taking care of myself. It was a hard time. And I'm moving on.

With diet in place, alongside the workouts that I already do.

This week, I have lost 1 kg. Only 12 more to go!

2012 At the start of my new weight loss

A kg a month? A year or so from now I will be there.

2008 After weight loss

2001  Before weight loss
How? This week, just by eating less.

The how is less important than the motivation. Here enters the 100 Days Challenge....A programme that works for any diet plan.

I borrowed the book from the library. After my 1kg weight loss. Looking for extra motivation.

The website has many free resources. Calendar. Journal. Quick start guide.

It is all about you ( me) and not about a specific plan.

And I am blogging my progress.


  1. You go girl! Your effort, persistence and achievement give hope to the rest of us who are just too cuddly for our own good. I KNOW how to eat right for optimal health and weight loss, but that doesn't mean that I actually DO, hence why I'm still 13.5 stone (v.v.b.sigh).

  2. Go Leonie! I want to sign up as your number one cheerleader and will join in the 100 day plan, too! As i have shared with you, I have put on about 20 lbs (about 9 Kg) the last 2 years and am ready to get rid of it again. I know what I need to do.. just need to change my lifestyle. Look forward to journeying with you!

  3. Cindy, the free journal and quick start guide to 100 days is great.You can use it with any food and workout plan that you like.

    Marina, have a look at the link above. Very good with motivation.