Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not just yet....

Not just yet.

 The 100 Days of Weight Loss has some really good mottoes. Really good.

 Like "Not just yet"... For when people are pushing food and you are discerning. Or determined. Put them off for awhile. Or put yourself off for awhile. Wait a bit.

 And Do It Anyway. Committed doesn't mean mental, it means do it anyway. Just this once. Come on. Leave something on your plate, Leonie. Skip the wine (well, maybe!)

 You know, a large part of any weight loss is not just the eating less or eating better and working out. It's what goes on in our heads. It's habits. It's boundaries, not rules ( another of the 100 Days' mantras...ur...mottoes.)

  Like using a notebook. Write down your craving..and then eat it another time. A planned time. A special time. No cheesecake today but write that craving down and totally have some on Mother's Day. When it's in my plan.

 Why? Because the results are worth it ( those Ten Reasons to Lose Weight).

And because "I must protect my programme at all costs." If I don't take care of myself, who will?

 I got this. I can do it. Say this at least ten times.

 Then work on your plan. Whatever the plan may be.

 For me, being good to myself while working on weight loss.

 As I go to bed, late again, after a long day, with a hungry tummy but after a reassuring hot cup of tea.

 I got this. Today anyway.


  1. Day 3 and 4 can be the worst. Eat an apple to stabilise blood sugar. An extra apple or two won't break the kilojoule bank and may make the difference in sticking to it. My motto- "One day at a time." I can do one day but I phase out thinking of weeks and months :)

    1. Like Jillian and Cindy and Jackie say in their workouts... You can do anything for one minute!