Sunday, June 10, 2012

The scale and I

Anna: It is a lie.
The King: It is a false lie.  

From The King and I. And just like The King and I , so this story of "the scale and I" is of false witness.

False witness so that you do not trust the scale. Solely. In weight loss.

Different activities and different foods and different times of the month have an effect on the scale.

What we are looking for is the average.

Two weeks ago, I hopped on the scale and it showed that I had gained three kilograms. Even with some comfort eating and eating out in Melbourne, I had still had my careful days and had kept up my running and walking workouts. To gain over six pounds just didn't seem possible.

It was depressing.

And it wasn't possible.

Two weeks later, a different time of the month, back to mostly eating less crap and my continuing workouts, not only have the three kilos gone but so has another 0.7 kg - more than one pound.

Meaning that since I began my 100 days at the end of April, I have lost  1.7 kg, about four pounds. Which sounds slow but I am a slow loser., And my original aim was one kg per month - so I am on track!

Eating less crap and working out more sounds loose but it works.

My workouts this week? 45 minutes to one hour of cardio...walks and jogs, Taebo, Jillian Michael's new kickboxing  today.


  1. That is great, Leonie. It is good that you know your body and know you lose slowly, so you can rejoice with the small victories. I was actually going to post something on the scale today, too. It can be motivating but also can be depressing or cause obsessive non-healthy behavior, at least i have seen that.

    This go round I am staying off the scale and focusing on how my clothes fit. Well at least for now. I find if I am super dedicated to not slipping at all from an eating plan the scale is a great helper. If I am just changing lifestule and cutting myself slack, I try to stay away.

    Again congrats on a successful month!! woo hoo!

  2. Pages if I expect fast results the scale is not my friend. But I found on my original big weight loss trek that I can make small, livable changes and lose slow and then the scale is a guide to what is working.