Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not what you do but what you are.

Wise words from the book Run, Fat B**ch Run.

 Let running be not something you do but something you are.

 Something that is just part of your life, that monotonous rhythm or flow of work and workouts. 

 There is no debating about what to do or when to workout.

 You just do it. It's part of you. It's part of who you are.

And it occurred to me that the same applies to managing food. 

It's just something I do, practice moderation. 

 Getting to this takes time and grit. 

It's a slow weight loss but it's lifestyle changes. 

 The result? Looser jackets and skirts and trousers. 

 On my weight loss way. 

 But even more so, making fitness just who I am with my daily Taebo or other kickboxing fix.

An inspiring story here.


  1. This is so so true, Leonie. When I am in the habits, it is not hard. But out of the good habits, the bad ones really can take over. How to steer back? That is the key. Like Charlotte Mason would say, we lay down the tracks in our brain and the ruts get deeper and deeper.. habit.

    I loved the analogy you made to running. 15 years ago when I ran a lot it was a 'no brainer'. My friend and I would get up and run every day at 5am and didn't think twice, why would we not go? Our friends didn't get it, but we did. It was simply habit, and we didn't think twice.

    I am struggling to get back there, as i used food to make me feel better, then it is harder to work out. Plus all the lovely 'perks' of being older- argh. But, this is so true, inspiring!

  2. Reminds me of Charlotte Mason and her emphasis on habits!