Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thirty Days

I have thirty days in my one hundred days  weight loss challenge.

 Thirty days to go.

 I've lost only a smidgen of the weight but I am a slow loser.

 Keeping my eyes on the 10 kg less goal.

 My eating hasn't been great. Stress and lots of going out while  Greg was here. Lots of alcohol too! But some great workouts! Currently doing some Jari Love, a bit like a Pump class. Will review this in another post!

 So I plan to get back to reading a little of the 100 Days book every day, just like I am doing the 33 Day Marian retreat and reading and praying that every day.

 I think both will help.

 1. Eat less crap
 2. Eat more while grains and fruits and vegetables.
 3.Remember protein and dairy.
 4. Watch portion sizes.
 5. Have alcohol and junk food or sweets occasionally and have small portions or half.

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